Monday, November 3, 2008


Hey, everybody!

For over a year now I've used the internet to make a little extra cash. Being a college student, it's really the only thing I have time for. At first, I was extremely skeptical. And, yes, I did run into some scams! But I also ran into some great opportunities! Hopefully I can help some people find the good deals that I've found. At this point, I've made nearly $1000 and I haven't spent a dime! That's my first tip: know that a legit site will never ask for any money!

So I've found that companies are willing to pay pretty good money for opinions, looking at advertisements, completing offers, and even reading emails. So, through this blog, I'm going to show you guys the best-paying and most legit survey sites and GPT (get-paid to) sites. (Get paid to sites pay you to sign up to other sites and complete offers).

Well, I'll leave it at that for now because I've got to study before I go to bed. But I'll post some great sites either tomorrow or the next day!


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