Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Avoid Scams!

Over time you're probably not going to stick with just the sites I recommend. And that's a good thing. You should check out new sites and register for multiple ones. But this also means that there's a greater chance that you'll fall prey to a scam. I'm here to make sure that this doesn't happen.

1.) I've said it many times but it's vital: a legit site will not ask you for money! Sometimes there are charges if you want to update your account, and this is okay although I don't recommend it. You should be perfectly fine with a regular account. But never trust a site that has a sign-up fee!

Note: This includes sites claiming to have an exclusive list of legit programs. Do not pay to sign up for them. There are plenty of free ones so you really have no need to anyway.

2.) Use your logic when viewing new sites. Legitimate companies have professional designs, little to no grammatical errors, and a lot of information. You should always try to search around the site, making sure there are no broken links, etc.

3.) Do some reading. Read the terms of use and the privacy policy. Also read the FAQs, about page, etc. If anything is missing or seems fishy, be on the look-out. Also make sure that everything seems fair and that you agree with all of the rules. Pay special attention to the section of the terms and privacy policy regarding any changes to either. You need to make sure they can't just change their policies on you.

4.) Do some research. Google the site. Look through reviews, message boards, etc. to see what others have to say about the site. This will usually be a primary indicator of whether it is legit or not because when you have enough sources, they can't all be working for the company.

5.) Check out sites that expose scams and search for the company. They usually include all kinds of customer complaints, too. Check out the section on scams at Snopes.

6.) If you're ever really unsure, just walk away. Even if you would not be losing any money, it's not really worth it to lose your valuable time.

As always, Happy Money-Making,

Sunday, November 9, 2008

How to Complete Offers Step-By-Step

This is mostly for CashCrate or similar offer sites.

While completing them, be patient. At first, they may seem like they are going on forever. But you won't get credit if you quit halfway. Also, know that it will get MUCH easier and quicker when you get into the rhythm of it. Trust me. Now here are some step-by-step directions on how to complete offers:

1.) I've said it before, but it's very important: Always read the instructions! They'll tell you what you need to do in order to get credit!

2.) Enter valid information into all of the fields.

3.) At this point, you're probably getting to the pages of advertisements. For each one click "skip", "pass", etc. Sometimes you might have to scroll down to the bottom of the screen to find it.

4.) When you get to the lists of offers, click no for each one. Depending on which kind of offer you're doing, you may be required to click yes for one of them. Don't worry. Click yes and on the next screen they'll have a form for you to fill out but at this point you can just click "skip" or "no". For free offers, you never have to sign up for another offer they are promoting. It's all just very tricky language.

5.) There will be several pages of both the offers and lists of offers. This is the part where patience comes into play.

6.) After a while, you'll end up at a page that says something along the lines of "Your prize has been reserved" or "Final Steps". For most offers, you can exit out on this page. However, if the instructions say to "click at least two offers on the Final Steps page", all you have to do is click on two separate offers then exit out of each. You do not have to sign up for them!

Note: I still like to do this even if it's not in the instructions. It seems to make it more likely to credit.

7.) Lastly, on the CashCrate offers page, click submit for the offer you just completed.

This is another time when patience is important. Sometimes offers credit within an hour. Other times it can take days, or even a week. There are also times when it will not credit at all. This is not most of the time, but it can happen. Usually, though, you can redo the offer if you take it out of your Pending Offers list.

Well, I hope this was helpful for some of you! If you're still having trouble, you can always ask me, or you can check out the very active forums at CashCrate.

As always, Happy Money-Making!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Paid Survey Reviews

Since I started, I've probably been a member of nearly 50 survey sites. I've learned that even the legit sites are not always the best, though. Many sites may actually pay you, but is it really worth it if it takes a year to earn $20? I personally don't think so! That's why I'm only going to include the best sites, meaning they are legit, there are a lot of survey opportunities, it's easy to qualify for the surveys, and they have overall excellent quality.

1.) Your2Cents - I've made money very quickly on here because they generally offer great compensation for your time! They also offer additional money for completing profile surveys. Moreover, I've found that their surveys are unique (they aren't the same ones offered by other sites so you don't have to worry about losing the opportunity from other sites) and they send them relatively frequently.

2.) Clear Voice Surveys - The unique thing about this site is that they still pay you even if you don't qualify! Just for attempting to qualify they usually give you about 25 cents so your time is never wasted! The only downside is that I seem to disqualify quite often so I rarely get the full compensation. But I still make a decent amount and I'm sure others will have more luck!

3.) Harris Poll - This is one of the oldest and most respected research companies out there (in fact, they mentioned it in my Sociology textbook!) However, I have to warn that they pay you with points, and it takes a long time to accumulate a decent amount of them. That being said, I still love this site because they send surveys very frequently, I almost always qualify, and the surveys are usually very short and easy!

I'm going to leave it at those for now. But remember, the offer websites I've blogged about earlier (you can also see them in my favorite websites on the right) also offer daily surveys! That is more often than probably any survey site so I encourage you to take advantage of that!

I also encourage you to sign up for all of these websites because signing up for just one will only give you so much extra cash. Therefore, it's really important to take advantage of as many opportunities as you can!

Happy Money-Making!


Thursday, November 6, 2008

Some Important Advice to Follow

Hey, all!

Hopefully you guys have been signing up for these sites and finding great success! But I have some important basic advice for you guys in order to make the most of your experience!

1.) ALWAYS enter accurate information! If you don't, they can't mail you checks, your offers won't credit, and you can get BANNED from the sites if they consider it fraud!

2.) Use more than one email address, especially use one separate from your regular email for friends and business. You will get a lot of email from these sites, including paid emails, and you should not just delete them because they could be survey opportunities, etc. Also, make sure that you add the email addresses of all the sites you sign up to into your contacts. Otherwise, they might accidentally go into your spam folder.

3.) Pay close attention to the instructions for completing offers and surveys. If you don't, there's a high chance you won't get credited.

4.) Don't rush through offers or surveys. If you rush through surveys, you can easily get disqualified. If you rush through offers, it might not credit because you are not spending enough time on the pages for it the site to notice.

5.) For offers, make sure you get all the way to the end! It might seem obvious, but a lot of people don't realize that it will not credit if you don't get to a page that either says you're finished or says "Last Steps" or "Your prize has been reserved", etc.

6.) If you ever have a problem or question, don't hesitate to contact that site's Support Center. They are often very helpful and prompt in answering (InboxDollars usually gets back to me within an hour or so!) Anyway, it's always better to be safe than sorry.

I hope these tips have helped some people and I'll add more when I think of them. For now, happy money-making!


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Getting Started (Some Great Sites)

Hello again!

Today I'm going to list three of the best-paying sites I know! I've been paid by all of them before so I know they're legit. Also, they are a great place to start for beginners because they are really pretty simple to use! Here they are:

Cash Crate is extremely popular lately and I'm not surprised. They have some many offers that I was able to reach $20 in my first hour! They also have a very active forum where people share great tips and tricks so you'll never be lost.

Send Earnings is one of my favorites because reading email is so easy! All you have to do is confirm that you've read the email and you get cash in your account. It adds up really quickly. Like Cash Crate, they also have a lot of great offers.

Essentially, InboxDollars is the same thing as Send Earnings, but joining both allows you to double your earnings!

Well that's all for now, folks! My advice is to sign up for all of these for a starting point and begin completing offers and reading emails. You'll be racking up cash in no time! I'll add more, as well as some survey sites at a later point!

Have fun,

Monday, November 3, 2008


Hey, everybody!

For over a year now I've used the internet to make a little extra cash. Being a college student, it's really the only thing I have time for. At first, I was extremely skeptical. And, yes, I did run into some scams! But I also ran into some great opportunities! Hopefully I can help some people find the good deals that I've found. At this point, I've made nearly $1000 and I haven't spent a dime! That's my first tip: know that a legit site will never ask for any money!

So I've found that companies are willing to pay pretty good money for opinions, looking at advertisements, completing offers, and even reading emails. So, through this blog, I'm going to show you guys the best-paying and most legit survey sites and GPT (get-paid to) sites. (Get paid to sites pay you to sign up to other sites and complete offers).

Well, I'll leave it at that for now because I've got to study before I go to bed. But I'll post some great sites either tomorrow or the next day!