Friday, November 7, 2008

Paid Survey Reviews

Since I started, I've probably been a member of nearly 50 survey sites. I've learned that even the legit sites are not always the best, though. Many sites may actually pay you, but is it really worth it if it takes a year to earn $20? I personally don't think so! That's why I'm only going to include the best sites, meaning they are legit, there are a lot of survey opportunities, it's easy to qualify for the surveys, and they have overall excellent quality.

1.) Your2Cents - I've made money very quickly on here because they generally offer great compensation for your time! They also offer additional money for completing profile surveys. Moreover, I've found that their surveys are unique (they aren't the same ones offered by other sites so you don't have to worry about losing the opportunity from other sites) and they send them relatively frequently.

2.) Clear Voice Surveys - The unique thing about this site is that they still pay you even if you don't qualify! Just for attempting to qualify they usually give you about 25 cents so your time is never wasted! The only downside is that I seem to disqualify quite often so I rarely get the full compensation. But I still make a decent amount and I'm sure others will have more luck!

3.) Harris Poll - This is one of the oldest and most respected research companies out there (in fact, they mentioned it in my Sociology textbook!) However, I have to warn that they pay you with points, and it takes a long time to accumulate a decent amount of them. That being said, I still love this site because they send surveys very frequently, I almost always qualify, and the surveys are usually very short and easy!

I'm going to leave it at those for now. But remember, the offer websites I've blogged about earlier (you can also see them in my favorite websites on the right) also offer daily surveys! That is more often than probably any survey site so I encourage you to take advantage of that!

I also encourage you to sign up for all of these websites because signing up for just one will only give you so much extra cash. Therefore, it's really important to take advantage of as many opportunities as you can!

Happy Money-Making!


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ZEPHYR said...

Hi Danielle, on blogspot I'm Zephyr, but you know me on Blog Catalog as MikeKL. I agree totally with you about online surveys and had a real problem when trying to recommend a few on my site: Where I also have a problem is if you're not living in the US, none of them seem to want to contact you for an opinion, even if they claim to be "international". In fact on this point, I've an EzineArticles article awaiting approval. You can see a link to my articles on my website, Regards. MikeKL